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Management Systems, Programs and Processes

A major contributing factor to our success is our Integrated Management Approach to quality and productivity and our supporting, proprietary suite of Web-based systems, processes and programs.

Our automated, management systems are driven by industry standards including ISO, ITIL and CMMI practices and processes. Together they constitute a uniquely, integrated management approach to quality that demonstrates best business practices and underscores our commitment to Trust, Quality, Service and Value.

These field-proven systems, programs and processes used with Microsoft Project and the Deltek accounting system are recognized throughout the industry as head and shoulders above any other.

Our management systems, programs and processes include:

Continuous Performance Improvement Program (CPIP)

Stated simply, AddNTech’s Continuous Performance Improvement Program (CPIP) is a disciplined, automated management process to ensure customer satisfaction. On a deeper level, it proactively supports our critically required management success factors and is the way we:

  1. manage the work through effective management processes for: task order planning and implementation; systems engineering; the use of integrated product teams, configuration management, risk management and quality assurance,
  2. manage the workforce through a team member (employee) performance evaluation process and our Productivity & Quality Assurance Team Member Motivation Program (PQATMMP) that adds real value to the customer,
  3. manage customer relations with customer interfaces and our Customer Satisfaction Assurance Process (CSAP) and
  4. manage our subcontractors through the administration and control of subcontracting agreements, our subcontractor management plans and associate contract agreements that may be required.