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Mobile banking and payments is experiencing phenomenal growth world-wide and has become strategically important for any bank in a developing country like Bangladesh where penetration of mobile phones is much higher than the reach of banking services.

According to industry analysis - the worldwide market for mobile payments will grow to $633.4 billion by 2014, up from $68.7 billion in 2009 (source: Generator Research 2010)

For a developing country like Bangladesh, mobile banking has a very strong business potential. Currently only 13% of the people in Bangladesh has bank accounts, and this is primarily limited to urban areas, and middle-to-high income segments. On the other hand, Bangladesh already has country-wide mobile phone coverage, and 56% of the people have mobile phones. Thus there are 43% people with mobile phones, but no bank accounts.Banks now have a great opportunity to deliver banking services a portion of the unbanked 43% people using new products based on mobile phone technologies.

AddNTech is deploying a Mobile Financial Services (AMS) -- named AddNTech Mobile System -- that will offer a hosted mobile banking and payment service to ecosystem partners such as banks and financial institutions, mobile operators, retail agents, payment partners such as utility companies, merchants/retailers, employers, insurance organizations and government departments.

Example Usage Scenario

  • At beginning of the month, an employer sends a salary of BDT 30,000 directly to its executive’s bank account or mobile wallet. While at his office desk at the city, the executive receives a message in his mobile phone indicating that BDT 20,000 has just been received in his account or wallet.
  • The executive picks up the phone and, while sitting at his office desk, sends BDT 10,000 immediately to his father in a far-away village.
  • The father receives the money while working at his village firm, and decides to pay the Rural Electric Board monthly bill of BDT 1,000 right away.

Bangladesh already has a conducive environment for mobile banking in many ways:

  • Country-wide mobile phone coverage with 56% user penetration
  • Only 13% banked population
  • National ID card
  • Broad awareness of financial services from country-wide micro-credit services
  • Very large inward foreign remittance
  • Available agent networks from Telcos and NGOs
  • Push for mobile financial services from Bangladesh Bank

AddNTech Mobile System is a pioneering multi-bank open AMS system offering in Bangladesh. AddNTech Mobile System is building a strong partner network poised for high growth. We already have partners such as scheduled bank, micro-finance organization with nation-wide coverage and a large multi-level marketing company, and the list is growing fast. Together AddNTech Mobile System existing partners have direct access to more than 5 million people that can use our mobile financial services.